Lets get back to our Roots

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

How are we all feeling right now? overwhelmed, worried, stressed, sad, scared. The world is hurting on so may levels that everywhere we turn there's a reminder that life as we have known it isn't the same. This is going to go on for awhile so I would like to share with you some simple exercises that you can do daily to combat the effects on your mental health, emotions and keeping your energy intact.

Make a conscious effort to minimise screen time, set allocated time slots to go on social media and follow the news. After the times up turn it off, better still turn your devices off completely and go outside. We are such a tech driven age that we almost have to retrain our brains on how to reconnect with what's around us.

This is where nature comes in, walk outside, look at the trees, stretch your arms out and breathe in deep into your diaphragm, repeat 4 times and go look for a garden project. Get your hands dirty, make a vegetable garden, sprout some seeds, propagate your plants, re pot and choose an internal space to create your indoor jungle.

All living things have their own energy, their own auric field and vibration. Being surrounded in a plants energy field is healing, it's a transference that asks for nothing in return. Free clean green healing, its all around us so immerse yourself in natures living art and take the clean air it in and breathe all the bad shit out.

Get your shoes off, wiggle your toes into the grass, walk barefoot and get grounded again with earths energy. This will get you out of your head

We all talk and know about mediation but lets be honest sometimes we have too much adrenalin and too much nervous energy to sit still and focus. This is where doing something physical will be better

Remember we have no control over what is happening right now we can only control how much information we choose to take in, how we process it and then our behaviour afterwards. Be very concious during this time with all of those steps and if you are feeling overwhelmed and your brain is exhausted let yourself have a sleep and reset even if its just 20 mins, it's like a computer rebooting. To much information will exhaust the mind let it switch off.

While the world around is is crumbling as we know it take the time to get back to nature, get back to our Roots and lets all start again hopefully with a deeper perspective and appreciation of our home The Earth.

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