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"My belief when working with the skin"....

what we do to our skin everyday is creating the environment it is in, what we wash with, how we exfoliate, what serums and moisturisers we use will all contribute to the environment you have created and in turn your skin will change to that.

2nd is where we go and what we do these are environmental factors such as sun and pollution. 3rd is diet and medications, these 3 main aspects all account for the health of your skin and how it looks.

My role  as a skin therapist is to help you design a homecare system, boost your results with salon treatments and monitor your results to lead you to the best healthiest skin possible. The factors  I will first take into account are, your acid mantle-your natural chemical protection this is your skins first line of immune defence.

The micro biome of your skin, this is the balance of your good and bad bacteria. 

 Your lipid layer, has your natural oils been overly stripped? are your sebaceous glands over active ? Are you suffering from any ongoing skin conditions, are you under the care of a dermatologist, are you on long term medication that has changed how your skin functions, is your skin suffering from being chemically stripped and is so out of balance and its reacting to most things you put on it and now you believe you are sensitive?. My aim, my priority is to make your skin as healthy as it can possibly so we can ditch the makeup and feel confident to show our natural glow. Please contact me so I can help you to create the first step which is introducing your skin to a regular healthy homecare system

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